J&Z Sourcing is proud of its unique ability drawn from its rich and varied experience in developing of Apparels business with internationally renowned companies. It’s accelerated and extraordinary Development & Follow-up attract quite a good number of global customers to introduce Bangladeshi RMG (Ready Made Garment) manufacturers with best services & effort.

Most of the retailers and traders have their own liaison office in Dhaka. Still many are sourcing RMG out of Bangladesh and sometimes have the following experiences.

a. Wrong Supplier/Production Unit Selection.

b. Poor Communication.c. Weak & Unprofessional Follow-up.Which cause either Cancellation or Delay Shipment with poor quality.
j&Z  knows thea. Market segment Right Product for the Right Producer.b. Man behind the Machine is the key to get the job done in proper way.c. Valuing Customer T&A, Quality Requirements, COC & Social and Ethical Standards, Trend and Taste.
J&Z is well balanced with it’s professional team whose expertise fast-track the order smoothly from the very beginning so that customers visualize the progress time to time. Believes growth not in quantitative but in qualitative.