Company Profile



  • Incorporation No: C-52320 (2615)/2004
  • BGMEA Membership No: 4025
  • Trade License No: 0723292
  • Bond License No: 628/CUS-SBW/2005
  • Board of Investment Reg: L-62050409002-H
  • EPB License No: 4631
  • ERC No: RA-77780
  • IRC No: BA-144892
  • BIN Code No:    17041032033
  • Fire License No: Dhaka / 19238 /06
  • Date of Establishment: 22-09-2005  

Name of the Banker: Pubali Bank Ltd.

Stadium Branch, Motijheel, Dhaka-1000 Bangladesh.

Swift Code: PUBABDDHA199.

CD A/C No:  0939901036786.

  • Our Activity: Export the readymade garments to all parts of the world and for this purpose to import fabrics of cotton, wool, silk, artificial silk, polyester, nylon and other synthetic and mixed fabrics and others materials.
  • Our Product: We are experienced in Woven shirt, Rugby Shirt, Golf shirt, Polo Shirt, any type of Jacket of Polar fleece, Micro fleece, Sherpha Sueded Bonded, Sweat Shirt, Heavy Jacket, Recycle fleece Jacket, Woven bottom (Twill/Denim Pant, shorts, cargo shorts, boxer shorts etc.).
  • Machineries: Using Machineries are enclosed in annexure-1.
  • Production Space: 44,000 square feet in three floors.
  • Power Supply: Industrial 440 volt electric supply from Govt. source. In addition to that, standby generator with full Capacity of the factory (220 KVA) brand FG Wilson, UK.
  • Number of workers: 550 Female and male skilled workers at different Categories.
  • Production Capacity: Monthly Production Capacity is 1,50,000 pieces woven shirt or 1,00,000 pieces of Woven Pant, 1,20,000 pieces of Fleece Jackets or 2,00,000 pieces of polo shirt equivalent item in normal Production time.
  • Our Commitment: Quality production and in-time shipment is our commitment. We are capable of handling all and any type Fleece and knit garments. We have been working in this field for last 15 years.




01 Single Needle Machine JUKI 152 Set
02 Single Needle Lock Stitch Machine(Auto) JUKI 41 Set
03 Single Needle Machine ADKOPP 01 Set
04 Over Lock(5 Thread) Machine JUKI 21 Set
05 Over Lock(4 Thread) Machine JUKI 33 Set
06 Over Lock(3 Thread) Machine JUKI 02 Set
07 Over Lock(4 Thread) Machine (Heavy Duty) YAMATO 02 Set
08 Two Needle Machine JUKI 10 Set
09 Plain machine (Chain stitch) JUKI 02 Set
10 Fit of the Arm Machine JUKI 02 Set
11 Flat Lock Cylinder Bed Machine PEGASUS 07 Set
12 Flat Lock Cylinder Bed Machine SERUBO 01 Set
13 Flat Lock Flat Bed Machine PEGASUS 10 Set
14 Flat Lock Cylinder Bed Machine(Heavy Duty) YAMATO 02 Set
15 Kansai Special Machine KANSAI SP 06 Set
16 Kansai Special  PMD Machine KANSAI SP 02 Set
17 Button Hole Lock Stitch JUKI 06 Set
18 Button Stitch Lock Stitch JUKI 06 Set
19 Bar Tack(Computerized) JUKI 02 Set
20 Snap Button NS-45 04 Set
21 Rib Cutting IDEA 01 Set
22 Vacuum Table YIULIH 08 Set
23 Iron YIULIH 08 Set
24 Cutting Machine KM-8” 01 Set
25 Cutting Machine KM-10” 03 Set
26 Re-Cone Machine HASHIMA 01 Set
27 Gas Boiler 60 kgs CONFIDENCE 01 Set
28 Generator 150 KVA FG WILSON P/150 01 Set
29 Light Box For Visual Assessment of Color 01 Set
30 Bell Burning Machine 01 Set
31 Needle Detector Machine HASHIMA 01 Set
31 Thread sucking Machine 01 Set
32 Label Cutting Machine 01 Set
33 Heat Seal Machine 02Set
34 Compressor Machine 01 pc
35 Two needle Triangular Auto Machine JUKI 01 Set
36 Two needle Auto Machine JUKI 04 Set
37 Three needle double Chain stitch Machine SIRUBA 03 Set
38 Fusing Machine (Model # HP-600LFS) HASHIMA 02Set
39 Collar Turning Machine (Model #HP-450MS) NISSIN 02Set

                                                                                                                                                    356 Set.